Vision & Mission

PMTA is a holding company, investing at present in agrochemical and warehousing businesses in Vietnam, but also considering investment in related businesses worldwide with high growth potential. The firm is focused on building strong and sustainable growth through existing core businesses, generating positive performance through professional management practices, as well as in related businesses with high growth potential there and in other countries.

The company is very specifically committed to achieving Baconco’s goal of becoming a market leader, providing domestic and internationally-recognized high-quality fertilizers, maximizing customer satisfaction and serving the interests of all its stakeholders. Baconco is dedicated to operating to high standards of social responsibility, especially regarding environmental protection and the quality of life in the communities surrounding the firm and in which its products are sold and used.

Baconco is further committed to maximizing the full potential of its workforce, achieving and maintaining its coveted status as the industry’s Employer of Choice.